Using the right music for the patient, preferably through cordless headphones has been proven to:

  • Greatly reduce anxiety and fear as evidenced by rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing

  • Reduce the need for anxiolytic meds that can be potentially addictive

  • Calm the patient with soothing music that blocks the sounds of pre-op area, OR conversations, and recovery area

  • Decrease the amount of opioids needed for pain management during and after surgery

  • Increase patient satisfaction because of this personal and nurturing touch

The Surgical Serenity Solution is based on years of clinical research and the hundreds of studies that have been conducted about benefits of music in the perioperative period

Our headphones and proprietary music is in use across the the US, in Europe, Asia, and Australia

Patient can purchase our pre-loaded headphones or the Mobile App and their or your Bluetooth headphones

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